Don Cheadle & Jimmy Fallon Are ’80s R&B Duo ‘Pleather & Jerry’

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Don Cheadle & Jimmy Fallon Are '80s R&B Duo 'Pleather & Jerry'

Don Cheadle & Jimmy Fallon Are '80s R&B Duo 'Pleather & Jerry'

Don Cheadle‘s recent stop at studio 6b was a true jog down memory lane, sparing no moment to stew in the sweet nostalgia. Jimmy and Don touched on the legacy’s of some the studio’ most cherished programs and hosts, including Johnny Carson, Milton Berle and the long forgotten Star Search-killer American Power Hour, where the infectious and electric r&b duo Pleather & Jerry once took the stage to run through some of their mega hits. Always ready to jump into a P&J highlight reel, The Tonight Show crew just so happened to have one particular tape on deck, featuring the fellas running through classics like “Girl, We Gon’ Do It,” the b-side brilliance of “Girl, We Just Did It” and of course, their swan song “Girl, Let’s Do It Again,” all with the Hi-Tek to their Black Star, the third member of every faux r&b duo that ever was, none other than “Flat Top” McDrummyface. I dont think there’s ever been or will ever be word on whether we could expect some sort of reissue treatment of the their three single run, but you know exactly where to find it if/when the call is ever made. Watch Pleather & Jerry run through the hits on The Tonight Show.. err.. American Power Hour below.

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