Pass The Popcorn Exclusive: New Documentary On Soul Legend Syl Johnson 'Any Way The Wind Blows' [Trailer]

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A week or two back we hipped y'all to a new documentary in the works on soul music legend Syl Johnson--who's records are among the most sampled in hip-hop's lexicon of breaks and beats. The project is called Any Way The Wind Blows and we are proud to share an exclusive trailer for the doc which will be of special interest to Okayplayers, especially the DJs, cratediggers and beat freaks among us (oh, you know who you are) since the backbone of the clip comprises a video mix of just a handful of the 200-odd rap classics that have ever sampled Syl's foundational funk track "Different Strokes" including BDP's "Criminal Minded"; EPMD's "It's My Thang" and Ghostface Killah's "How You Like Me Baby." Considering Syl's pedigree in the sample game the trailer could have just as easily been built around medleys of samples from "Any Way The Wind Blows" or "Is It Because I'm Black?"--and who knows, maybe we will still get trailers based on those immortal grooves, too! But for now just enjoy the layers upon layers of breakbeat science being exfoliated here in just over a minute and some seconds. As Scoob & Scrap routine danceable as it is informative--now this is what you call edutainment. Watch below and hit the link to help the filmmakers reach their goal on Kickstarter:

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