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DMX is Still Alive & On "Life Support" According to Manager Steve Rifkind

DMX's manager had to clarify rumors about the rapper's status after reports the rapper died started to go viral.

Steve Rifkind, DMX's manager for the last three years, went to Instagram to confirm that the legendary rapper was still alive but on "life support.

In a quick 20 second video, Rifkind said:

"DMX is still, alive. Yes, he is on life support. But please it's not helping anyone seeing these false rumors. Let the family relax for a night. You'll be hearing a statement from the family sometime tomorrow."

The "false rumors" Rifkind is speaking on is the various reports that DMX had died. On Thursday night, "RIP DMX" became the number one trend on Twitter after various smaller hip-hop sites reported the news he had died.

Actress Luenell Campbell posted a message on Instagram that her "friend" DMX had died. She soon deleted the message and tried to clarify.

On Saturday, DMX suffered a heart attack which left him hospitalized in a White Plains, New York hospital ever since. The 50-year-old underwent tests to determine his brain function on Wednesday. Per TMZ, his brain function remains unchanged.

The new report states the rapper's family might soon face the decision of taking him off of life support. Sources with direct knowledge shared that the test performed "showed no improvement in brain activity." He remains in a coma.

Some outlets reported that the heart attack was caused by a drug overdose, but DMX's longtime attorney Murray Richman toldTMZhe was unaware of an overdose, and said such reports were unconfirmed.

Since his family announced the news, dozens of artists from across the world have expressed their sympathy over social media. In White Plains, a crowd of friends and supporters assembled outside the hospital, where they led group prayers and played his greatest hits. On Tuesday morning, NY1anchor Dean Meminger reported that sources say DMX's family is expected to remove him from life support this week after spending several days on a ventilator.

"Like most families in this situation," Meminger tweeted, "loved ones continue to struggle with the decision."

This story was updated on Thursday, April 8th.