DJ Quik - "Puffin' The Dragon" [Official Video]

DJ Quik Channels Hunter S. Thompson In A Psychedelic Video For "Puffin The Dragon"

DJ Quik Channels Hunter S. Thompson In A Surreal New Video For "Puffin The Dragon"

Last year DJ Quik, a legend by any measure, marked his return to a game he helped create, dropping his ninth studio LP The Midnight Hour to much critical acclaim. The new record has graced with much-needed updates on the G-funk tradition like “Pet Sematery” as well as a slew of more soulful cuts like the hazy subject of today’s new clip “Puffin The Dragon,” which finds Quik on a tear through the California desert with his sights on landing in Sin City, but with devilish intentions in-mind and a foot-long cigarette-holder in-mouth. The whole thing wreaks of Fear & Loathing-styled debauchery with Quik even donning the green visor in his wicked little journey. If this is, somehow, your first taste of what Quik has been cooking over the years we implore you to jump back and catch-up, or better yet, maybe lay your eyes and ear upon his recent Unsung episode for a true chronicle of his life and times. Watch as DJ Quik rips through the Cali desert in the video for “Puffin The Dragon” below and grab your copy of The Midnight Hour on iTunes today

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