DJ Quik Goes Conscious With Soulful New Cut "Black Friday"

DJ Quik Goes Conscious With Soulful New Cut "Black Friday"

DJ Quik Goes Conscious With Soulful New Cut "Black Friday"

West Coast legend DJ Quik isn’t exactly known for thought-provoking lyrics. But with recent headlines of racial injustice, even some of the unlikely are being prompted to respond.

On “Black Friday,” Quik urges black people to have pride in themselves despite the ongoing threat of police brutality. Namedropping Curtis Mayfield and James Brown, he rhymes, “black people know, if you the same color as space, you should not feel out of place … embrace your heritage.” The production is a mellow, soothing soul sample, emphasizing the goal to help listeners calm their nerves.

Quik also wistfully speaks about how 2Pac could have made music that adheres to the times.

“If Pac was here, he’d write a song that would calm you down,” he raps. “And I would maybe produce it, give it that Compton sound.”

The song doesn’t necessarily dig deep into issues of systemic racism or black empowerment, but it’s still an encouraging, feel-good back rub of a record – which bring their own value during times like this.

In a statement accompanying the song, Quik said he wanted to step up with a record that can represent black people during tough times. The song comes after the police shooting deaths of Keith Lamont Scott, 13-year-old Tyree King, and Terence Crutcher.

“I wrote this piece because I don’t like the tumultuous air surrounding Black People,” Quik said. “Someone had to speak up for the African American community on this Black Friday and I elect Me to do so. Love, David Blake aka DJ Quik #BlackLivesMatter.”

Listen to DJ Quik’s “Black Friday” below.

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