Fresh Prince DJ Jazzy Jeff Will Smith Duo
Fresh Prince DJ Jazzy Jeff Will Smith Duo

DJ Jazzy Jeff Toasts To 25 Years Of "Summertime" w/ A Rhythmic Recalibration Of His Classic

Fresh Prince DJ Jazzy Jeff Will Smith Duo

DJ Jazzy Jeff  may be touring the world in search of the ultimate Vinyl Destination, but that hasn't stopped him from flipping one of his most iconic cuts. Celebrating 25 years of "Summertime," Jeff and British beatsman, Eric Lau, have transformed the time-tested '91 release into something suitable for 2016's wave parade.

Slung and swung drums bring the the distinct feel of Slum Village's Detroit digs to the cut, somehow bringing an extra layer of smoothness to a cut already as slick as they come. Added vocal trills and warm, bright synth beds make this a remix that certainly commands the ear's attention and keeps it there. It's no secret that summer's officially setting in, but this thing has every intention of reminding you just in case you missed the memo. Hear DJ Jazzy Jeff & Eric Lau's update on the 1991 classic down below and be sure to give it a run at this weekend's rooftop or beachside hangs. Jump back to watch the latest installment of Vinyl Destination

Tour Dates:

Jul 09 @ Phillips Brewery - Victoria, Canada

Jul 19 @ Sankeys - Ibiza, Spain

Aug 26 @ Foundation Nightclub - Seattle, WA

Oct 02 @ Bryant Park - New York, NY

Nov 09 @ Concorde 2 - Brighton, United Kingdom