Deez Nuts For President: A Look At The Candidate’s Track Record

Deez Nuts For President: A Look At The Candidate's Track RecordDeez Nuts For President: A Look At The Candidate's Track RecordIf you’ve been on Twitter today, you already know that Deez Nuts is gaining steam as a write-in presidential candidate in the race for the oval office, according to polls in Iowa, North Carolina and Minnesota. Which, of course, means one of two things; either voters have a fantastically sophomoric sense of humor in expressing their indifference to our increasingly corporate-owned version of democracy…or Straight Outta Compton has time-traveled the entire nation back to one of the more hilarious musical moments on Dr. Dre‘s The Chronic.

Knowing America, sophomoric and indifferent is probably a safe bet. But at this publication we would like to think that Deez Nuts’ meteoric rise is at least partly due to the years of tireless campaigning by team G-funk. The west coast’s OGs and new Gs are running game in 2015, starting with Kendrick Lamar‘s To Pimp A Butterfly, but continuing on with jazz geniuses like Thundercat and Kamasi Washington, veterans like Warren G (who dropped his long-overdue sequel to Regulate just a few weeks ago) and capped off by Dre’s first record in 16 years, Compton. But it’s worth revisiting Deez Nuts track record, a quick civics lesson recapping those crucial early public appearances that got him where he is today. Let’s start with the home-runs for his West Coast constituency:

…without forgetting, of course, the crucial East Coast arm of the campaign:

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