OKP Premiere: Dayne Jordan x DJ Jazzy Jeff - "The Hustlers"

Philly MC Dayne Jordan Follows News Of His Forthcoming 'Memoirs of Dayne Jordan' LP With The New Single "The Hustlers" Produced By DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Philly MC Dayne Jordan follows news of his forthcoming Memoirs of Dayne Jordan LP with the debut of his new single "The Hustlers" produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff. The latest of the new material to arrive since the release of his stellar In Progress EP, the track is an elegy for lost comrades that finds Jordan waxing poetic about his purpose in life - a point he marvels at when recalling his fallen friends:

"Growing up I would always hear about young men not living long enough to celebrate their 21st birthday. When I look back on the opportunities and experiences that I have been granted, it always surprises me that I somehow managed to beat the odds."

Check the track below to listen to "The Hustlers." Stream the In Progress EP via SoundCloud. Stay tuned for more from Dayne Jordan.