David Sitek And Tinashe Join Forces On “Xylaphone”

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David Sitek x Tinashe - "Xylaphone"

David Sitek x Tinashe - "Xylaphone"

David Sitek (of TV On The Radio) and rising r&bstress Tinashe link for “Xylaphone.” This minimal treatment commences with swinging snaps and Tinashe’s graceful lull before the hook rushes in to get your head bopping a bit. The song comes to us from  Dr. Pepper One Of A Kind Studio Sessions, which pairs 4 artists or vocalists with the likes of some music’s leading producer’s (i.e. RZA) to see what they can come up with. Listen to David Sitek and Tinashe’s “Xylaphone” below and head over Soundcloud to peep the rest of the work Sitek and others have done for the collaboration project.

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