David Clarke, Milwaukee County Sheriff And Trump Supporter, Resigns

David Clarke, Milwaukee County Sheriff And Trump Supporter, Resigns Source: YouTube

The controversial Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke resigned on Thursday without any explanation why he was leaving.

In a report from Time, Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson said he received Clarke's resignation letter but it did not say why the sheriff was leaving office more than a year before his term is up. Clarke, whose provocative social media presence and support of Donald Trump has made him a fan among conservatives throughout the United States, took to Twitter Thursday afternoon to post a picture of him and a police officer at the National Fraternal Order of Police convention in Nashville.

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Clarke was one of the few black people who spoke at the Republican National Convention last year, beginning his speech with the following: "Ladies and gentlemen I would like to make something very clear. Blue Lives Matter!" As a staunch opponent of the Black Lives Matter movement, Clarke wrote an essay last year titled "This is a war, and Black Lives Matter is the Enemy."

"Black Lives Matter organizers hold the same values of America's age-old enemies, who have always fought the ideals of our Constitution and our nation," Clarke wrote. "That they have now taken on as their costume a false concern for Black America only adds to their depravity."

Back in May, Clarke announced he had been hired for a position with the Department of Homeland Security where he would serve as the assistant secretary. However, the agency never confirmed it, with Clarke later stating that he withdrew his name. Clarke's resignation comes as he has faced various critiques on his managing of the Milwaukee County Jail, where an inmate died of dehydration and a woman claimed that she was sexually assaulted by a guard several times there.

Source: time.com