Video: Daryl Hall x The Roots "Can't Go For That" & More Live At Philly's 4th Of July Jam

Yes, we already posted some live highlights from the incredible performances at Philly's 4th of July extravaganza last week but the highlights just keep getting brighter, courtesy of ABC a-phillyate WPVI-TV and other sources. To wit: Daryl Hall leading The Roots through a rendition of his classic dancefloor singalong jam "Can't Go For That." Black Thought rapping to Naturally 7's eerily beautiful beatbox/acapella harmony rendition of the theme from Rocky is no joke either (below, on the intro to "Paul Revere"). Go see our friends at FunkIt blog for a full setlist and more, including additional vids and audio of the Legendary covering "Bustin Loose" in tribute to Chuck Brown with Brass Heaven on the back-up.