Danny Brown announces 2 High 2 Die tour with Action Bronson
Danny Brown announces 2 High 2 Die tour with Action Bronson

Danny Brown Announces '2 High To Die' Tour W/ Action Bronson + Speaks On Detroit Bankruptcy

Danny Brown announces 2 High 2 Die tour with Action Bronson

Yesterday Detroit player Danny Brown announced dates for his '2 High 2 Die' tour with Queens' own Action Bronson AKA the rap game's Richard Pryor & Gene Wilder (though based off that tour name, they are aiming for something closer to the hipster generation's Meth & Red) who will be jointly dipping and diving back and forth across the U.S. Canadian border for shows ranging from Philly to Quebec. Despite a quick stop in Grand Rapids to bless the Chicagoland side of Michigan, Brown's hometown of Detroit is conspicuously absent from the itinerary. Could be they just haven't locked down all the dates yet or could be that Detroit is not the best market for doing shows right now, what with being officially bankrupt and whatnot. Danny had some pretty interesting shit to say about the shadows currently falling across Motown when FADER mag put him on the spot recently. Read below and scroll down for the full run of dates we have so far--and don't forget to bring your tactical helmet and a couple full metal jackets. Shit is rough out here.

What do you think about the bankruptcy? At the end of the day, it’s probably something that should’ve been done 10 years ago. For the entire time that I’ve been living—born and raised here—we always had some hope that shit was about to change. They was about to do this, to build some new shit. We always thought things would get better. But now I’m a grown ass man and it’s worser. Ain’t nothing changed. A new football stadium, new baseball shit, but economically it declined. You ride around and see how fucked up it is.

Had you been in charge of Detroit, what would you have done differently? I would’ve been more concerned with youth shit, because that’s where the future is. It’s never really been a concern. I would’ve been concerned with fixing schools and community centers and things for kids to do with they time. Because that’s who’s out here shooting people, that’s who’s breaking into your house, that’s who out here robbing. It’s not grown men, because we’ve been through cases already, we scared to do shit, we don’t want to go back to jail.

What’s going to happen to the city? They trying to stress us out so much to make us leave, so they can take over. You can see neighborhoods now that were straight crackhead central, and now it’s hipsters building gardens. In some sense, they want everybody from the city to move to the outskirts and suburbs so they can take over—not saying white people or black people, just rich people.


09/10/13 @ Republik - Calgary, Alberta

09/11/13 @ Union Hall - Edmonton, Alberta

09/12/13 @ Vogue Theatre - Vancouver, British

09/17/13 @ Ogden Theatre - Denver, CO

09/20/13 @ The Rave II - Milwaukee, WI

09/22/13 @ First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN

09/24/13 @ Bluebird Nightclub - Bloomington, IN

09/25/13 @ The Intersection - Grand Rapids, MI

09/27/13 @ Theatre of the Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA

10/01/13 @ The Danforth Music Hall - Toronto, ON

10/02/13 @ Telus Theatre - Montreal, Quebec

10/03/13 @ Wilbur Theatre - Boston, MA