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OkayFuture: Dani Shivers & Tropical Popsicle at Heineken’s “Hola Indio”

OkayFuture: Dani Shivers & Tropical Popsicle at Heineken’s “Hola Indio”

Dani Shivers performs at the Echoplex in Los Angeles

Vice decided to partner up with Heineken’s Indio cerveza and The National Museum of Mexican Art for Hola Indio a four part series of monthly events which started in L.A. moved on to San Francisco then to Chicago, and Austin featuring one headliner from Mexico and one local band while showcasing a couple of art pieces collaboratively made by a Mexican and American artist. Dani Shivers from Tijuana and Tropical Popsicle from San Diego, as well as DJ Ganas of Mas Exitos were the mini-tour’s featured artists at The Echoplex in Los Angeles. Seeing both Tropical Popsicle and Dani Shivers can be somewhat refreshing if all you’ve been listening to is heavy bass music or hip hop. Tropical Popsicle is a 1960’s influenced band from San Diego who just dropped their latest EP Ghost Beacons. They’re one of those bands that are consistently good in a live setting so it was no surprise when they took the stage to do their thing! Plus their band name is Tropical Popsicle – does it get much better than that?

Tropical Popsicle performs at the Echoplex in Los Angeles

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That being said when Dani Shivers got on stage the vibe changed she makes an entrance not only by what’s she wearing but by what one feels while seeing her live. Her outfit matched her persona she wore a black lace dress, black Mary Jane shoes with ruffled white socks paired with a diamond tiara to accentuate her long Rapunzel hair. It was a night of “La muerte de la inocencia” or “The death of innocence” as Dani Shivers likes to use to describe her sound. She performs with a child-like voice but also in a provocative way. At moments you’d catch her smiling to her own music while she’s succumbed by her Casio keyboard. It was almost as if you were attending the sweetest witch funeral as she slowly possessed you with her voice and bewitching gaze into the crowd hoping that she’ll cast a spell on you. Playing on stage solo can sometimes be underwhelming and hard to have your presence felt but she’s there with you and doesn’t let up. If you haven’t heard of Dani Shivers you should definitely catch her live since I don’t think hearing her music through computer speakers does it justice. The background screen and heavy fog behind her was hypnotic consistent with the theme of magical darkness. Her set involved her songs online “Witch,” “Up!,” “Graves,” and “Cold Cat.”Witch House from Tijuana who would of ever thought.


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