D’Angelo In The studio w/ Russell Elevado & Pino Palladino

Eddie "STATS" Imported from Detroit.

D'angelo & Pino Palladino live

UPDATE: Two longer studio clips have been added below, featuring more D’angelo sessions with Pino Palladino and Russ Elevado.

An unlooked for update on the forever-album that is D’Angelo‘s long awaited sequel to Voodoo comes via this sessions clip of D in the studio with bassgod Pino Palladino, shot and uploaded by Russell “The Dragon” Elevado. Elevado has of course been the source of some of the most tantalizing info–okay, let’s be real the only solid info, really–about D’Angelo’s LP. Or at least he is the 3rd in the triumvirate of D’angelo news-sources completed by Questlove and GQ magazine (not counting, you know, little old us). Therefore this 5-second clip can be taken as something more than a fluke, if not a full-blown sign of wonder. 5 seconds is not much to hang all your hopes and dreams on but hey. It’s 5 more seconds of hope than we had 5 minutes ago! Heee-ee.

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