The Combat Jack Show Presented By The Loud Speakers Network.
The Combat Jack Show Presented By The Loud Speakers Network.

D-Nice Talks BDP & More On The Combat Jack Show

DJ D-Nice Talks The Ups And Downs Of His Career In Hip-Hop As A Respected Selector & Member Of BDP On The Combat Jack Show.

DJ, photographer, designer and Boogie Down Productions veteran D-Nice sits down with Reggie Ossé and the crew on The Combat Jack Show to discuss the ups and downs of his storied career in great detail. The interview is the latest from the renaissance man who has witnessed The Bridge Wars, battled depression and spun at The White House for President Barack Obama. Combat Jack serves up a great intro to the conversation, which he has been attempting to lock down for over two years:

Who is more Renaissance Man than Mr. Derrick Jones? The Human TR-808 gives his most descriptive interview ever. He walks us step by step to the moment of Scott La Rock's death, and how it affected his relationship with KRS-One. He shares how, after he blew up as a solo artist, everything dried up and he became homeless, broke and depressed. Then rebirth. Web designer, photography, one of the world's preeminent DJ's. From peddling drugs to DJing for the President. We've heard many stories about one's journey from the bottom to the top, but if this one doesn't inspire you, you're already dead. I know ya'll keep telling us weekly how the latest episode be your top 5. You need to readjust that list again.

Check the track below to listen to the full interview with D-Nice. Stay tuned for more from The Combat Jack Show.