Video: The Coup – “Magic Clap”

Eddie "STATS" Imported from Detroit.

The Coup - "Magic Clap" (video still)

The Coup‘s fervently badass comeback anthem “Magic Clap“–you know the one that sounds like a cadre of Black Panther commandos cryogenically frozen in 1969 woke up, saw a “Polaroid”-era Andre 3000, ate him, and then recorded this song?–now has a video. The video doesn’t look like what I just described, though. It looks more like frontman Boots Riley¬†on the run from the federales, dipping around Oakland on his bicycle in a double-breasted suit and patent leather shoes, looking like a militant Pee Wee Herman. According to Boots:

“We made this video in my neighborhood in West Oakland. It’s an absolutely true story based on the time I was apprehended by the FBI while performing, tortured and then [saved by] Pam the Funkstress. The bike I ride in the video is the one I get around Oakland on.”

In the same convo with Rolling Stone, he also explains that the magic clap in the song’s title “is about a quantitative to qualitative leap, an imaginary sound that happens in the moment when thought turns to action.” Good sh*t. Watch below and then make the leap already.

props to RS

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