Cookin Soul x Biggie - "Sky Is The Limit" (Remix)

Cookin Soul x Biggie - "Sky Is The Limit" (Remix)

Cookin Soul Remix Biggie's 'Life After Death' LP Classic "Sky Is The Limit" In Celebration Of The Brooklyn MC's Birthday.

Keeping the joints coming, Cookin Soul follows their remix of Redman‘s “Funkorama” with a flip of “Sky’s The Limit” by The Notorious B.I.G. The breezy remix of the classic from Biggie’s sophomore Life After Death LP landed this week in celebration of the Brooklyn MC’s birthday. Conjuring palm trees, cool pastel threads and cocaine white coupes, the track is a fitting tribute to the charismatic wordplay and endless cool of Brooklyn’s finest MC. Check the track below to listen to “Sky Is The Limit” (Cookin Soul Remix). Download the track via SoundCloud. Get more via cookinsoul.com.

Spotted at 2DBZ.

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