OKP News: Common Defends Nas' "Daughters" Single

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Nas babymother Carmen Bryan wasn't too happy about how he aired family business on his recent "Daughters" single, tweet-claiming that Esco only adressed his daughters not-so-private private life to save face in front of his listeners. Taking a stand for artistic freedom and sharing his concerns as the father of a pubescent daughter, Common has now stepped in to defend his fellow MC. Read what Com had to say to XXLMag.com about the incident after the jump and give the song another spin by clicking here.

I feel like in art you gotta be free to express what you need to say. That’s our job. That’s what we do. When you an artist, you can pour out your soul. Sometimes that’s the way to get it out. I don’t think it’s different than what Marvin Gaye was doin’, it’s the same mentality. Marvin Gaye did an album called Here, My Dear. The judge said he had to give all the proceeds from one of his next albums to his ex wife that he was divorcing. So he wrote all the songs about they relationship.

spotted at XXL