Cody ChesnuTT – “Till I Met Thee” [Official Video]

Cody Chestnutt Till I Met Thee

Cody Chesnutt’s second studio album Landing On A Hundred was released in October with minimum fanfare beforehand. This soul damn-near masterpiece was rightfully named one of our Top LP’s of 2012. The album’s production is pristine, especially in comparison to the raw edge of The Headphone Masterpiece.  If Landing On A Hundred is a sermon, the theme of the homily is definitely redemption. That theme has now been depicted visually in a new video for “Till I Met Thee.” The clip, directed by Okayplayer stalwart Terence Nance, shows ChesnuTT turning his life around. It’ s a beautifully-crafted video and suits the vibe of the track perfectly. Check the video below!

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