Tinker & Toy w/ Four Classic Drum Machines On Your Web Browser

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if tapping into the magic that classic drum machines provide cost less than the down payment on a new car? Well, one very handy programmer has provided the music nerd in you with a massive public service, emulating vintage drum machines like Roland’s legendary TR-808, TR-909, Roger Linn‘s generation defining Linndrum and Elektron’s Machinedrum right in the convenience of your everyday web browser. Imagine, all of the kicks, snares, rimshots, hi-hats and shakers you could bear at just a click away. You can even record programs and export them to continue the madness on a real controller when you’ve got the time. Otherwise, this could be the greatest distraction from the work day that the internet has ever gifted the world. The drum machine emulator is but the latest in what seems to be an endless line of musical gadgets adapted to fit the browser, following the unveiling of that delightful TB-303 synthesizer emulator that popped up last week and of course Sample Stitch, which basically turns your computer into an MPC with some preset samples already locked in. So without further ado, hit the link below (or any of these links for that matter) to get your web synthesizing on.

>>>Program Your Own Beats With Classic Drum Machines (via HTML5 Drum Machine)


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