Chet Faker Shares Devilishly Sexy B-Side Track "Bend"

Chet Faker Shares The Devilishly Sexy B-Side "Bend"

Chet Faker - "Talk Is Cheap" (Kaytranada Flip)

It’s been reported that Chet Faker shelved over an entire album’s worth of material in the making of his debut LP Built On Glass, and now, it seems, we’re getting a taste of that sweet, savory bonus material. The Australian electro-crooner has just shared a never-before-heard track via his Soundcloud page, a twisted funk tune that features wah-wah guitars, an off-kilter drum machine beat and bubbling keyboards that seem to be borrowed from his much-beloved single “1998.” And the lyrics? Classic Faker–“Bend” is a not-so-secret declaration of lascivious desires and hinges on the hook “Girl I’m trying to make you bend / Looking for a, looking for a, looking for a sin.” Faker has never hidden sexual desire from his lyrics–in fact this sort of slinking tension is one of the most powerful aspects of his music. Songs like “Talk is Cheap,” “I’m Into You” and “Melt” have become bedroom anthems for thousands of Faker’s fans, and now “Bent,” with its almost Weeknd-esque message of seduction is sure to land at the top of all those playlists.

But to reduce “Bend”–and Faker’s greater body of work–to solely its sexy mood is lazy and reductive. The work he puts into small matters like timbre, structure and tone is positively stunning; just listen to how good the messy trip hop-sanctioned guitars sound when the chorus comes in. Near-perfectly paced and immersive in scope, “Bend” is a song fit for that fleeting moment when we all look across the bar, ready and willing and hoping they are too. Listen below.

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