CeeLo’s After “Jay Z’s Girl” In Gnarly Davidson’s Uncomfortably-Weird Debut

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CeeLo's After "Jay Z's Girl" In Gnarly Davidson's Uncomfortably-Weird Debut

CeeLo's After "Jay Z's Girl" In Gnarly Davidson's Uncomfortably-Weird Debut

CeeLo Green has been racing towards supervillain of r&b status for ages now. And it has nothing to do with his proclivity for metallic disguises. No, the Dungeon Family singer and Gnarls Barkley co-pilot has been battling uphill for relevance ever since we realized that a dude that sings so casually about relentlessly pursuing women has to be as creepy as he implies. That turned out to be precisely the case when the singer claimed “people who have really been raped remember” in the aftermath of a 2014 case that claimed the singer had drugged and raped a woman in 2012.

His attempts to win back the hearts of women have fallen short in the years since with gestures that range from an album dedication to several formal public apologies. Now he’s back with yet another alter-music-ego in Gnarly Davidson¬†(the golden meatball that arrived at The Grammys in CeeLo’s place this weekend.) And today we have our first offering from the moniker: an uncomfortably-weird cover of Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl.” Only in Green’s take it’s “Jay Z’s Girl,” which means precisely two things. CeeLo is in desperate need of a “No” person and that whoever¬†is on dude’s team, hasn’t caught the memo that explicitly states “Jay Z’s Girl” is expecting twins and kinda off-limits in terms of being the subject of your latest creepy pursuit.

I for one am not here for any version of CeeLo, as stubby gold Zordon or otherwise. Watch his latest below.

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