Bun B Discusses His Influences & Rap-A-Lot Records With Nardwuar

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Bun B Discusses His Influences & Rap-A-Lot Records With Nardwuar

Bun B flexed is exhaustive knowledge of Southern Rap’s roots in a comprehensive discussion of his early influences and the unsung region’s contribution to the tradition with the criminally well-researched Nardwuar. In a discussion that commenced with Nardy’s ritual gift giving, the Human Serviette doused Bun with everything from a Blowfly bobble-head to some of the most sought after cuts of the historic Rap-A Lot Records catalogue, including (several line-ups of) Geto Boys, Royal Flush and Raheem.

They touch on the Port Arthur MC’s formative moments, as well as that one time he took the stage with NYC’s resident funny-man Hannibal Buress (courtesy of OKP TV) and even give a shout to the UGK doc, a definitive account of the duo’s come-up created by OKP-alum Sama’an AshrawiFor those looking for a proper education in all things Southern hip-hop, this here is a hefty lesson. Watch Bun B go straight rhodes scholar with Nardwuar at the helm below.

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