Bun B x Jason Goldwatch Hit The Rodeo For New ‘Time Pieces’ Short Film

Eddie "STATS" Imported from Detroit.

Bun B Texas Rodeo

Trill O.G., underground king and notoriously big pimper Bun B appears in the latest installment of ‘Time Pieces’ a series of short films created by noted filmmaker, director of Roots videos and psychedelic sojourner through deserts Jason Goldwatch. Both dudebros add a new item to their respective resumés with this excursion, namely: cowboy. You have to watch to fully understand but Goldwatch’s explanation of how the short came about is almost fun to read as witnessing one of the greatest rappers of our time sport a ten-gallon hat and handlebar mustache, full of declarations like:

Bun is a grand wizard dudebro, the official mayor of what ever city he’s in, and always open and accommodating, almost to a fault. He is constantly approached for photos and autographs, and a handful of other strange (sometimes awkward) interruptions… It’s nearly impossible to go anywhere with him, especially in his home town of Houston, TX. Unless…

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