Brown Cow + Arpan Fuse Different Flavors For "Start Up Yet"

Brown Cow + Arpan Fuse Bhangra, EDM, Dancehall For Stunning "Start Up Yet" Video

Brown Cow + Arpan Fuse Bhangra, EDM, Dancehall For Stunning "Start Up Yet" Video

Brown Cow hadn’t met co-producer Arpan Bhattacherjee and vocalist Shi Wisdom in person yet until a few years ago. Respectively based in Atlanta, San Francisco and Toronto, the serial entrepreneur and tech executive had a plan. “Do something unique that would hopefully change up the game in the music industry,” Brown Cow (real name Sanj Juneja) told Okayplayer. “The shit is all starting to sound the same.” Brown Cow + Arpan’s release of “Start Up Yet (ft. Shi Wisdom)” is definitely unique with its catchy mix of EDM, Bhangra beats and dancehall reggae vocals. The song gets off to a strong start, and gets even more entrancing as it goes on and builds over its four minutes.

“Start Up Yet” is the fruit of Brown Cow’s SpinCycled Entertainment Group Inc., which he founded after leaving his career to focus on music full-time. If his new hit is any indication, it looks like he made the right decision. According to India.com, as of June of this year, the song was selected as the theme for the Brit Asia Awards last year, and has been lined up for prominent placement on MTV, Revolt, and BBC Asian Network, and had inspired artists to make remixes before it was officially released.

The video makes the song even more enjoyable. SpinCycled enlisted director Kristof Brandl (Drake’s “Jungle” short film, Zedd’s “Beautiful Now”) for the visuals, and he brings the landscape of Trinidad’s Beetham Gardens village to life with images of locals dancing in the city streets, wielding motorcycles and four-wheelers.

Click play, but be warned… between the beautiful video and the catchiness of the song itself, you’ll likely have it on repeat for a while.

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