Bonobo Debuts New Live Video For "Prelude" + "Kiara"

Bonobo - "Prelude" + "Kiara" [Official Live Video]


Of all the highly-skilled electronic acts working today, few are closer to our hearts than Bonobo, the mesmerizing project spearheaded by Brit producer Simon Green. Fueling the anticipation for his upcoming release of The North Borders Tour – Live LP, Ninja Tune Records has unveiled a preview of what’s to come with a live, DVD-quality clip for “Prelude” + “Kiara.” The two tracks kick off Bonobo’s stellar 2010 album Black Sands and flow like a deep blue sea buffeted by bass drums.

The clip was captured at the nearly 2,000 year-old Pula Arena in Croatia–one of the best-preserved Roman amphitheaters in the world. In it, the winding arabesque of the band’s live string section fills the air with a starry energy that explodes with the pulsing beat of Green’s mpc and Jeff Baker‘s crisp drumming. With the arena’s columns looming in the background, Bonobo’s performance becomes the perfect conduit for time travel; Green’s living, electrified sound is a means of escaping the here and now.

On the road for 18 months straight, Bonobo has cracked the skies over multiple continents with its lush arrangements of Green’s studio work. Named after the most recent Bonobo LP, The Norther Borders Tour has become one of the most unfrogettable live shows in all of electronic music, and Okayplayer was lucky enough to host the final North American show of the tour when at a mesmerizing show at Central Park’s Summerstage. The North Borders Tour – Live will celebrate the tour’s 175-show lineage with a 2 LP + CD packaging, as well as a deluxe 70 page book replete with photos and stories from the band’s past year and a half. The entire package drops October 6th and can be pre-ordered here.

If you just can’t get enough, another (audio-only) preview of the upcoming live album is already available.

Watch below and witness the power of densely-composed electronic music come to life with a massive band and be on the lookout for more Bonobo to come.

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