Bonobo Shares The Full Video Of The Epic, Final ‘North Borders’ Show

Bonobo North Borders Final Show SquareBonobo Ninja Tune by Dan Medhurst Jody Hartley

2014 saw Simon Green, aka Bonobo at the height of his powers, touring the world with the support of a full live backing band as he brought his brilliant catalog of downtempo, electrified beat music to audiences around the globe. Bonobo performed over 200 shows on its North Borders tour and left fans on multiple continents stunned by the power, emotion and sheer fun that inhabits his music. Almost a year ago to the very day, Okayplayer and Okayfuture welcomed the group to Central Park in New York City for a free concert of epic proportions. Suffice to say, if you saw Bonobo in the last two years, you won’t be forgetting it any time soon.

For those who missed these dates, or for anyone looking to relive the magic, Bonobo and Boiler Room have partnered to bring the full video and audio of the final North Borders show, which took place in London’s legendary 7,300-capacity Alexandra Palace. From the opening dance jam “Cirrus” to the accelerated house-tinged coda of “Towers,” the set positively soars, fueled by the thunderous drums of Jack Baker and the myriad of samples emitting from Green’s laptop. With special vocal guests including Sjerdene, Andreya Triana and Grey Reverend all supplementing the action, each minute becomes a demonstration of just how powerful electronic-based music can become when it is filled with the breath of live musicians. Watch it in full below–it’s sure to make your weekend.

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