Black Thought, De La Soul & Miiguel Atwood-Ferguson To Headline D.C. Loves Dilla

Black Thought, De La Soul & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson To Headline D.C. Loves Dilla


Black Thought, De La Soul and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson will hit the stage at The Howard Theatre tonight to headline the 8th Annual D.C. Loves Dilla Party – the annual celebration of the legendary Detroit producer that goes down in the District of Columbia. This year the party pays tribute to J Dilla‘s Ruff Draft LP ten years after its release. The celebration boasts a huge lineup including Oddisee, Muhsinah, Yahzarah, Wayna, Wes Felton, X.O. and more. Jon Laine will join Mick Boogie, Roddy-Rod, 2-Tone Jones and others to provide the tunes. The entire event is hosted by the younger soul brother Grap Luva. The festivities jump off this evening at 8 PM and doors are open for all ages. Proceeds will benefit the J Dilla Foundation and The Lupus Foundation of Greater Washington D.C. Check the footage below for a recap of last year’s celebration. Purchase tickets to tonight’s jam here.

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