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De La Soul – “Get Away” f/ The Spirit Of The Wu-Tang [Official Video]

De La Soul – “Get Away” f/ The Spirit Of The Wu-Tang [Official Video]

De La Sol - Spirit of the Wu video

De La Soul solve the puzzle (specifically a Rubik’s Cube) in the brand new video for their single “Get Away” featuring “The Spirit Of The Wu-Tang” which just hit the internet about an hour ago. The simple visual metaphor–flawlessly executed–works on a surprising number of levels. De La Sol have always spun the trials of their own situation into art and at some point after the initial buzz of Yo MTV Raps! fame wore off, to be replaced by hard industry realities…the crew must surely have felt known the melancholy of the Rubik’s Cube; like a fad that had gone out of style, 3 Ft, High & Rising cassette covers discarded somewhere in the clutter of a suburban bedroom right between the Cube and the gameboy. But this toy, of course, contains layers of complexity that the average kid might not grasp even if they line the colors up right; definitely the kind of thing you could pick up 10 years later and find whole new levels of challenge in. So in between that familiar De La vibe of afterschool boredom mixed with wisdom and a touch of sadness–the mix that gives lot’s of De La’s best jams their lazy-feeling catchiness–there’s some higher planes of Wu-mathematics going on for those who care to look. Some, dare I say, genius?


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