“Uptown Funk” Gets The Black Simon & Garfunkel Treatment On The Tonight Show

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Watch Black Simon & Garfunkel perform Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson's 'Uptown Funk' on The Tonight Show.

Black Simon & Garfunkel performs Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson's 'Uptown Funk' on The Tonight Show.

As if the sophisticated strut of Mark Ronson and Bruno MarsTime-channeling smash “Uptown Funk” wasn’t already plastered to your brain, in steps Black Simon & Garfunkel to turn it on its ear for The Tonight Show audience. In true form, the duo of reclusive songwriters popped their heads out from whatever Greenwich Village dive they’ve been posted up in over the years to give a pop hit the work in the only ways they know how; cool, sweet two-part harmonies over an acoustic strum and all of the lalas and oos you can bear. It’s not the most conventional take on the glitzy Walk-inducing cut, but you should all know better than most that BSG don’t play that mess. Watch and listen as Black Simon & Garfunkel give “Uptown Funk” the downtown treatment on The Tonight Show below. If you’ve yet to cop Mark Ronson’s absolutely massive Uptown Special revue a spin, do yourself a favor and grab a copy on iTunes stat. And if you’re craving some more from the duo, jump back and watch how they “Shake It Off” while remaining perfectly still performing Taylor Swift’s hit.

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