Black Out Monday

Black Out International Boycott Launches Today w/ #BlackOutMonday Campaign

The Black Out International Boycott Kicks Off On Monday, September 8th As A Worldwide Effort To Flood Black Owned Businesses With Cash And Make A Statement About The Buying Power Of Black Americans "In Honor Of  All Who Have Suffered At The Hands Of Injustice And Oppression."

The Blackout International Boycott kicks off today in a worldwide effort to flood black owned businesses with cash and demonstrate the collective buying power of black people – particularly Black Americans – whose collective wealth is estimated at over 2.7 billion dollars per day according to statistics published by blackcoalition.org. The international protest is a call to arms organized to strip non-black owned businesses of the opportunity to engage in commerce with people of African descent. The financial protest follows the recent killing of unarmed St. Louis teen Michael Brown, who was murdered by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer on August 9th. The campaign launches today in memory of Brown and other black men murdered unjustly by law enforcement officials and “In honor of all who have suffered at the hands of injustice and oppression.” The #BlackOutMonday protest will be followed by blackout protests every subsequent Friday until December 26th, in a sustained effort to reiterate the economic power of the community, empower its businesses, foster job creation and gather support. The campaign is explained, as follows:

Why have a ‘BLACKOUT’?
After decades of marching about outrageous injustice from Police Brutality to Voter Suppression, Mass Incarceration, Unemployment & Low Wages, High Interest Loans, Education Inequality, Genetically Modified Food and Environmental Destruction… our conditions remain the same.

What will it finally take to see REAL CHANGE? It’s time for something new. It’s time to realize our power. It’s time for a NEW Black Power Movement. This is an international protest that you can participate in, right where you are. An economic protest in response to the disrespect, injustice and oppression faced by people of color worldwide. From the U.S. to the Caribbean. from South America to Europe to Africa.

This is just the beginning of an ongoing and simple campaign.

STEP 1 – Support Black Owned Businesses
Currently, only 5% of Black Dollars are spent with Black businesses! We must transfer OUR money and wealth back into OUR businesses and communities to gain more control.

STEP 2 – Divest
DO NOT SHOP | DO NOT BUY | WITHDRAW your money from large corporations and businesses that play a role in the destruction and decay of our communities. Spend your money with Black businesses or don’t spend at all, 1 day a week.

Monday Sept. 8 is just the Beginning
In the past 2 weeks, thousands of people have joined the kickoff for this movement #BlackoutMonday on September 8th.

After Sept. 8 the Movement Continues Every Friday
In order for the BLACKOUT to be effective, it must be sustained. After #BlackoutMonday, the movement continues #EachandEveryFriday.

Why have this boycott on Fridays? The majority of our paychecks are spent on payday Fridays.

We have the power to change the world! African Americans spend over 1 trillion dollars every year! That makes Black America one of the largest economies in the world. That means a BLACKOUT just 1 day a week has the potential to pour 2.7 billion dollars back into our community and out of the pockets of those who are against us.

Create 1 Million Jobs & More!
A recent study revealed that if African-American households with an annual income of $75,000 or more increased their spending with Black businesses from 3% to 10%, it would create 1 million jobs in our community.

Imagine if we go all in and commit to this movement each and every week, minimum one day per week! If not now, then when? If not you, then who? The time is NOW!

Check out the footage below to view the trailer for the Blackout International Boycott. Follow the #BlackoutMonday hashtag across social media platforms to keep up with the campaign. Get more on the Blackout International Boycott and view their list of black business directories via blackoutcoalition.org.

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