Black Milk x Nat Turner - "Sunday Outtakes" [STREAM]

Black Milk x Nat Turner - "Sunday Outtakes" [STREAM]

Black Milk & The Nat Turner Band Bring Listeners Into The Shed For A Bit More Heat With The "Sunday Outtakes" Instrumental Set.

Black Milk and the Nat Turner band bring listeners into the shed for a bit more heat with a short set of instrumentals entitled “Sunday Outtakes.” The brunch-ready trio of tracks is a peek at the band’s chops that riffs on the classic combination of break beats and live jazz. Apostles of the groove and the pocket, Black Milk and Nat Turner turn out one of the better small bites to hit the web in a minute. Check the tracks below to stream “Sunday Outtakes.” Purchase Black Milk’s If There’s A Hell Below LP via iTunes. Get more via blackmilk.biz.

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