Bill de Blasio throws up the Wu Tang W
Bill de Blasio throws up the Wu Tang W

NY's New Mayor Bill de Blasio Shouts Out GZA, Jay Z + Wants To Meet Talib Kweli

Bill de Blasio throws up the Wu Tang W

Today is Election Day, here in New York City and all 'bouts, and you know what that means. In 2013 it apparently means that politicians and mayoral hopefuls are letting the press know who their favorite rappers are, taking a page out of Marco Rubio's less-whiter-than-Mitt-Romney playbook. In the NYC mayoral race, the son-with-an-afro candidate Bill de Blasio took a bold stance on the tough issues, stepping up the the mic in a new XXL interview to let the world know that his favorite Wu Tang Clan-member is Gza:

What about your favorite Wu-Tang member?

GZA. Not only is he a great lyricist, but I also admire his work to engage African American and Latino students in the sciences.

Which totally makes sense to me, because in addition to his trailblazing work in the field of higher rap education, Gza does seem like the Wu-cat most likely to be found in a NY public park, playing chess with an old Italian dude, which makes a pretty great backdrop for your election poster. A little less bravely, de Blasio said Jay Z is his favorite NY rapper (c'mon son. Forget the White House press conferences, even Bloomberg likes Jay Z. You're gonna have to go a little deeper than that to get the rap vote).

De Blasio does get points for thoroughness though, speaking  about his relationship with Russell "Rush" Simmons and shouting out pioneers Kurtis Blow and Grandmaster Flash. Nas, Public Enemy and Big L all get namechecks too--and in the most Okayplayerific twist to the interview, De Blasio gushes "I'd also love to connect with Talib Kweli," saying of the Black Star MC & Apollo legend:

"He grew up in Park Slope, where my wife Chirlane and I live and where we raised our two children, Chiara and Dante. He has a strong social conscience."

All true facts. And as far as linking up with Kweli, Mr. De Blasio, I am going to go out on a limb and say we could probably make that happen. Especially if you win today and make good on your campaign promise to can New York's racist, unconstitutional Stop & Frisk policy. For the rest of you's: Don't forget to rock the vote early and often today. Not telling you who to vote for or anything, know. Vote Against Stop & Frisk.

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