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Two Jury Members Prevented a Guilty Verdict in the Bill Cosby Trial

Two Jury Members Prevented a Guilty Verdict in the Bill Cosby Trial

There Were Two Jurors Who Prevented a Guilty Bill Cosby Verdict
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A juror who sat on the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial revealed that 10 out of 12 jurors thought that the infamous entertainer was guilty, according to an exclusive interview with ABC News.

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Cosby was charged with three counts. And the juror, who chose to remain anonymous, Of the three counts against Cosby, the jury voted 10 to 2 that Cosby was guilty on digitally penetrating Andrea Constand, the accuser, and that the assault happened because Cosby drugged Constant without her knowledge. When it came to the charge that she was unconscious during the sexual assault, the jury voted 11 to 1 to acquit.

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The unnamed juror provided ABC some interesting tidbits: like the fact that Cosby’s previous allegations didn’t factor into deliberations and the fact that debate became so heated one juror punched a wall.

The Cosby trial was declared a mistrial last Saturday after there was a hung jury. The prosecution says that they are going to retrial the case.



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