Biggie Smalls “Kick In The Door” (J Dilla Remix) (No Tags) + Mike B’s Notorious Mini – Mix (Free Download)

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Biggie Dilla

Biggie Smalls Kick In The Door J Dilla Remix

I’m sitting here (way up) at Nick Hook‘s Spacepit studios in Brooklyn when he starts playing Mike B‘s Notorious Mini – Mix (embedded below). “When did this drop?,” I said. “Today, fool. For the anniversary of Biggie’s death,” Nick replied. Oh snap, today’s March 9th. We didn’t post anything on the site, and it’s Mixtape Monday at that!

I thought to myself, “man, this ish is hot. We need to post it.” Then I remembered last weekend I was home cleaning my apartment when I became curious whether the Dilla remix of “Kick In The Door” ever appeared anywhere besides our mixtape with DJ Soul, Assorted Donuts, from seven years ago. All I could find was YouTube rips with DJ Soul’s tags and the DJ Premiere drop at the end.

So this goes out to you, and you, and you… Finally liberated, the tagless (albeit clean) remix (don’t ask where it came from) and in California it’s still March 9th. So take that (Puffy voice). Listen below and get down with Thee Mike B’s hard-as-nails mini-mix for free download. YOW!

Bonus content, the still rarely seen video of B.I.G. and Puffy at the Hit Factory shot by dream hampton. Excavated from her storage unit three years ago and a gift to the new Mass Appeal for their rebirth. You’re welcome.

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