Big Cats Shares Beautiful New Instrumental Track "Take A Step"

Big Cats Record Store

Photo by Scott Heins for Okayplayer

Minneapolis beatmaker Big Cats shared a gorgeous bit of sonic gratitude with his fans earlier this month in the form of "Take A Step," an instrumental-ish cut full of immersive vocals, tape-delayed drums, cellos, clean keyboards and lush echoing drums. The cut was posted as thank you for the 100,000+ plays he's gotten on SoundCloud so far, and if it's any indication of where his sound is headed, he should be getting 100,000 more very soon.

"Take a Step" features vocals from Claire De Lune of the Minneapolis duo act Tiny Deaths, and was recorded directly to cassette tape with Big Cats (aka Spencer Wirth-Davis) playing piano and handling the drums. Much of the sound we hear was sourced from improvised in-studio sessions, and in a text message, Cats told Okayplayer that the process is very similar to the one that gave birth to his upcoming album, What If It Doesn't Get Better. That project is due to drop sometime in the next year, and will feature more of the dense soundscape-style stuff we're treated to here.

Listen to Big Cats's new cut below, and make sure you doing it with a good pair of headphones—there are some gorgeous textures at work on this one.