Watch Barack Obama Catch Some Waves On His Post-POTUS Vacation

Watch Barack Obama Catch Some Waves On His Post-POTUS Vacation

Photo courtesy of Jack Brockway

Although a good half of the United States would like to see Barack Obama as the president again (52 percent of people to be exact), it is also reassuring to see him enjoying himself post-presidency.

Barack and Michelle recently ventured to the British Virgin Islands to decompress, and hang out with entrepreneur Richard Branson. A part of their hanging out also included Barack learning how to kitesurf and Richard learning how to foilboard, with the two competing against each other after getting some of the basics of their respective watersport down.

As Richard details in a post on the Virgin website, Barack practiced for two days straight, practicing on land before ultimately being put into the water where he was truly tested.

Ultimately, on the last day of their competition, Barack ended up beating Richard, with the former having the winning distance over the latter (Barack 100 meters; Richard 50 meters, three feet above water).

Below you can watch a video of the two preparing for the competition, as well as see both of them fall multiple times into the ocean.

Obama seems to be enjoying his post-presidency life. As with any person that has held the role of POTUS in their life, inevitably comes the memoir that details information that we could have never known during their presidency.

Turns out that when Barack does decide to drop his next book, he may receive $20 million for it.

"There's no doubt Obama's memoir will go for more than any president's has ever gone," Esther Newberg, co-head of ICM Partners' publishing unit, said in an interview.

"There is broader fascination with Obama, from conservatives who really hate him as well as liberals who deeply admire what he did," Julian Zelizer, Presidential historian for Princeton University, added.

If Barack were to actually receive such a sum he would surpass Bill Clinton and George Bush, who received $15 million and $7 million for their respective memoirs (2001’s My Life and 2010's Decision Points).

Check out the video below.