Audio: Lushlife X Shabazz Palaces “Hale-Bopp Was the Bedouins” (Remix)

anto F*ck a hip hop. I take your wristwatch.

lushlife & heems - hale-bopp was the bedouins cover (shabazz palaces remix)

We recently sang the praises of Lushlife‘s remarkable Plateau Vision album and now there’s another reason to become a fan of the man’s work. OKP favs Shabazz Palaces take on the record’s most Shabazz Paladociously titled track “Halle-Bopp Was the Bedouins,” crafting an aquatic rework that sends off vocals to every end of the sonic spectrum, and wobbly bass-effects deep into the stratosphere. Das Racist‘s Heems is virtually erased from the track, making room for an extended, al dente Ish verse. Go cop that album!

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