Asia Argento Released a Google Doc Featuring More Than 100 Harvey Weinstein Accusers

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Asia Argento released a list of over 100 women who say they were raped, assaulted, molested, and harassed by Harvey Weinstein

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The document is extensive

On Tuesday afternoon, actress Asia Argento tweeted out a jarring Google document that featured the names of women who have been raped, abused, or sexually harassed by disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

As of now, the document features the names of more than 100 women.

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The list, which also features the year, location, act, and the story of the assault, is compiled in chronological order, starting with Paula Wachowiak in 1980, who was harassed by Weinstein. Cases where there were a police file are highlighted in red; cases where there were rape are highlighted in blue.

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What makes the document standout is the level of specificity: The stories are written out in agonizing detail. This documents came out just days after a shocking New Yorker article, which detailed the lengths Weinstein went to cover up his behavior. This included hiring multiple private intelligence companies to gather information about these women and threaten them.

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