A$AP Rocky Talks A$AP Mob & More In SVDDXNLY Pt. 3

A$AP Rocky Runs Down The History of A$AP Mob In SVDDXNLY Pt. 3

A$AP Rocky Talks Fashion & Runs Down The History Of The A$AP Mob In 'SVDDXNLY' Pt. 3 From NOISEY.

A$AP Rocky talks fashion and teams with A$AP Yams and A$AP Bari to run down the history of the A$AP Mob in the third installment of the SVDDXNLY series from NOISEY. The crew, which formed around a mutual love of fashion, Texas rap and purple drank, took on the moniker of A$AP after beta testing a few others. They have lived according to the Always Strive And Prosper motto ever since. Digging deeper, Rocky takes fans into his home in Los Angeles for a look at his rare sneaker collection and his super jiggy bed linens. Rocky also talks about the steady rise of A$AP Ferg and a huge brawl at SXSW 2012 that found the Mob busting heads in a crowd full of disrespectful fans. Check the footage below to watch the latest episode of the SVDDXNLY series. Stay tuned for more from NOISEY.

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