Gregory & Travis McMichael Arrested & Charged for the Murder of Ahmaud Arbery

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Gregory McMichael and his son Travis were charged with murder and aggravated assault for the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has announced that it has arrested Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son Travis, 34, for the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery.

The two were charged with murder and aggravated assault and taken to Glynn County Jail on Thursday (May 7th) evening.

The arrest comes after increased scrutiny of the case on social media.

On February 23, 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery was shot dead in Brunswick, Georgia. Arbery — who was a former high school athlete — was jogging in a neighborhood not far from his home at the time.

Gregory McMichael — a resident of the neighborhood — told officers that he thought Arbery resembled a man suspected in a string of break-ins in the neighborhood. McMichael saw Arbery “hauling ass” and called his son Travis to attempt to stop and question him. The two jumped in their truck, following Arbery to an intersection. Travis got out the truck, shotgun in hand. At that point, Arbery attempted to elude the McMichaels. He failed to escape and engaged in a scuffle with Travis. Arbery was shot three times and died at the scene.

For months there was no arrest or charge. In fact, George E. Barnhill — the district attorney in Waycross, Ga. who eventually recused himself because of conflict  — wrote a letter saying there was not enough evidence to arrest Gregory or Travis.

On Tuesday, May 5th, local Brunswick radio station WGIG posted a cellphone recording of the incident. The video, which was shot by Bryan William,  appears to be shot from a moving vehicle behind the runner. The footage shows the runner jogging in broad daylight. A truck has parked in the road ahead of him. The runner attempts to pass the truck on the passenger’s side. A shouting match ensues, and the runner can be seen grappling with a man armed with a rifle or shotgun. Shots are fired, and seconds later, the runner — shot at point-blank range — falls face down.

Since the video was released there has been increased awareness of the case. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden tweeted about the case. Athletes and celebrities from LeBron James to Meek Mill also put out posts demanding justice.


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