Film Critic Ruins The 100% Rating + Lakeith Stanfield Is Not Here For The Hate

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Armond White spoils Get Out's perfect rotten tomatoes score
Photo of 'Get Out' taken from YouTube.
Armond White spoils Get Out's perfect rotten tomatoes score

Photo of ‘Get Out’ taken from YouTube.

It’s still early, but Get Out has been the movie of 2017. Get Out, which was written and directed by Jordan Peele, was the number one movie in the country last week, taking in over $30 million dollars at the box office.

It also, for a while, achieved something very few movies had: it accumulated a perfect 100 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes, with over a 100 critics unanimously praising the movie.

Well that score dropped on Monday when controversial movie critic Armond White bashed the film in the National Review. This isn’t the first time White has done something like this. In 2010, White gave Toy Story 3 a negative review, spoiling its perfect score.

After the score dropped, Get Out star Lakeith Stanfield tweeted then deleted a not-so-nice tweet about White. Film and TV critic Charles Bramesco screenshotted the tweet:

This critic ruined ‘Get Out’s’ percent Rotten Tomatoes score...Lakeith Stanfield was not here for It.
So Get Out won’t have a 100 percent score. But 99 percent isn’t too shabby.

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