Explosion At Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester, England Kills 15, Injurers At least 50

UPDATE: 22 Dead & 59 Injured in the Suicide Bombing During an Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester, England

An Explosion Kills 19 at Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester, England

Photo courtesy of Twitter.

UPDATE: The chief of the Manchester police, Ian Hopkins, confirmed that the explosion that occurred in Manchester was a suicide bombing carried out by a single person. They are still trying to figure out if he was acting alone or part of a network.

The numbers were also updated: 22 people are confirmed dead, with 59 having some kind of injury. Ariana Grande is an artist that has a large base that’s mostly young, so it can be assumed that children were amongst the casualties. Hopkins called the attack “the most horrific incident” the city had ever faced.

President Donald Trump, speaking at a news conference in the West Bank city of Bethlehem on Tuesday, blasted those responsible for the attack, calling them “evil losers.”

See the original story below:

An explosion police are calling a terrorist attack killed 19 people and injured at least 50 others during an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England earlier this evening.

The explosion happened just as the concert ended, and pink and white balloons had finished falling from the ceiling.

Right now, Twitter is full of posts from friends and relatives trying to find their perspective loved ones. Greater Manchester Police‘s Twitter has been doing the best job providing up-to-date news items.


Also, Twitter Moments has done a good job providing footage and various amounts of information.

A trending topic called #RoomforManchester is trending is a topic where strangers are offering victims a place to stay.

Ariana Grande was not hurt in the explosion.

H/T: NYTimes

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