Angie Stone Reflects On A Life In Music + Her New Album [OKP Exclusive Interview + LP Stream]

Angie Stone Reflects on a Life in Music, a New Album + More [LP Stream + Exclusive Interview]

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November 06, 2015 4:58 PM

OKP Exclusive: Angie Stone Reflects On 30 Years In The Industry, Her New Album 'Dreams' + More [Interview + LP Stream]

Today, Angie Stone releases her seventh studio album Dream; a record that marks her first outing in three years and brings her immeasurable contribution to the canon back to the forefront.

While many may associate Stone’s beginnings with Black Diamond (the 1999 solo debut that found her linking with Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Russell Elevado and D’Angelo amongst other late-’90s heavyweights) Angie’s story begins well before the dawn of neo-soul. Few may recall that the Columbia, South Carolina songbird commenced her near 40 year journey into the annals of musical greatness as a foundational member of the all-female hip-hop trio The Sequence (then Angie B.) in the late-’70s, which graced the world with “Funk You Up” in ’79 and became a piece of the source material for Dr. Dre’s G-funk anthem “Keep Their Heads Ringin'” in 1995.

Over the years, Stone has gone on to deliver a number of cherished records, but found herself uninspired after enduring the strong arm of the industry for years on end. An embattled few years ended with a call from producer Walter Milsap, who claimed a divinely-inspired dream brought him to her with a mission to reinvigorate and reestablish her presence in the game at a point when she was just about ready to throw it all in. And so, you may wonder, Where has Angie Stone been? What’s she been up to?–and what took so damn long in the first place?

Wonder no more.

OKP recently had the opportunity to get on the horn with the modern soul maven, touching on her legacy, passing the torch to another leading lady of r&b, her triumphs and struggles, her new record Dream, and how it almost didn’t happen. Read on to get reacquainted with the lovely Miss Angie Stone in an OKP exclusive interview along with a full stream of the new record and grab your copy on iTunes today.

>>>Click Thru to Pg. 2 to Hear Dream + Read Our Q&A with Angie Stone

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