Amoeba Records' Berkley Flagship May Open A Cannabis Dispensary

Amoeba Records' Berkley Flagship May Open A Cannabis Dispensary

by zo
July 18, 2016 2:19 PM

Amoeba Records' Berkley Flagship May Soon Open Cannabis Dispensary

It’s a pairing as old as acetate and needle. Weed and music have been together on this weird and wild trip through history since the get. But if Amoeba Records has it their way, you’ll soon be able to cop more than wax-housed rarities at their Berkley, CA flagship store. According to¬†The Vinyl Factory, the 25-year-old shop that sits at that corner of Telegraph Ave. and Haste St. could soon become the state of California’s first record and marijuana dispensary with the Berkley City Counsel readying the announcement of two new medical cannabis dispensaries to the city, and Amoeba’s considered its top contender.

All of which makes perfect sense, really. Think about it: pairing strains with records could be the new wine-meet combo of our time. And there’s certainly no shortage of celebrity strains (or advocates, for that matter) in the world. Imagine copping a new Blood Orange LP with a superbly-rolled L of Orange Crush, all in the same place. Or blessing the air with some OG Kush while OG Ron C blesses your ears with some chopped (not slopped) selections. There’s really no of gauging how this will effect sales of vinyl at the legendary shop (physical sales have album have been on a heavy downfall, after all) but one thing is certain: Amoeba’s What’s In My Bag? series could take on a whole new meaning with this move. And we’re here for it. All of it.

h/t The Vinyl Factory

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