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OKP Premiere: All Cows Eat Grass Is The Cure For Your Terrestrial Pop Blues

OKP Premiere: All Cows Eat Grass Is The Cure For Your Terrestrial Pop Blues

All Cows Eat Grass - "If We Dance"

All Cows Eat Grass - "If We Dance"

Right around this time last year, we were introduced to one of Wondaland‘s best kept secrets with the arrival of the All Cows Eat Grass collective.

The group has sharpened their senses over the years as crucial components to Janelle Monáe‘s band of ATLien funkateers, but even with such a high-powered resume in their back pockets, grass will always keep growing. And so, with their debut full-length album Self Help en route, we’re happy bring you the premiere of All Cows Eat Grass’ latest single “If We Dance,” which is less of a hypothetical than the title suggests. It’s a pop tune for the space age, lined with dreamy, effected vocal trills, warm synth beds and chimes, all anchored by a pulsing drum program that would make for a brilliant accompaniment to your next tour of The Milky Way (think “Green Light” put through the neon pop prism of James Fauntleroy.)

You can hear the latest outing from All Cows Eat Grass below, just be sure to jump back to hear their The Kool Collection remix LP and hold tight for the next transmission. Head over to Soundcloud for a proper introduction.


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