Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy Fallon Features Black Viral TikTok Dance Creators on 'The Tonight Show' Following Backlash

After Addison Rae appeared on a recent episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon featured numerous Black TikTok dance creators who spoke a bit about the origins of their viral dances.

Jimmy Fallon shared the stage with Black viral TikTok dance creators during a recent episode of The Tonight Show. 

This was a kind gesture especially following the internet backlash surrounding an appearance by social media star Addison Rae. Last month, Rae appeared in an episode of the late-night series where she “taught” Fallon eight viral dances that trended heavily on TikTok. In case you’ve been living under a rock, she has since come forward and apologized for not crediting the dancers during her sketch who are mainly Black or people of color. 

“On our last show before break, we did a bit with Addison Rae, where she taught me eight viral TikTok dances,” Fallon said. “Now, we recognize the creators of those dances deserve to have their own spotlight, so right now, some of the creators will join me to talk about how their dance went viral, and then perform the dance themselves.”

Via Zoom, Fallon was joined by the creators who spoke a bit about the origins of their dances. Mya Nicole Johnson and Chris Cotter appeared and shared their “Up” dance, Dorien Scott also joined and did a rendition of his “Corvette Corvette” dance. The originator of the “Laffy Taffy” remix, Fly Boy Fu was given a moment to shine alongside Indii who created the viral dance. The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” dance creators Adam Snyder, Nate Nale and Greg Dahl were additions to the segment. Last but certainly not least, Keara Wilson’s “Savage” dance was given the spotlight.

Even if Jimmy Fallon appeared a bit uncomfortable during this segment, it was an enjoyable watch. There aren’t many moments in mainstream media where Black creatives are given the space to share the origins of their brilliance. We’re grateful for this positive moment that was dragged out of the producers and staffers at The Tonight Show. 

Watch the entire segment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon below.