Action Bronson x Party Supplies - "Light In The Addict"

Party Supplies, Action Bronson & Black Atlass Shine On "Light In The Addict"

by zo
October 09, 2014 1:47 PM

Action Bronson, Party Supplies & Black Atlass Shine On "Light In The Addict"

Action Bronson unleashes the bluesy beast within on the Party Supplies-sculpted rocker “Light In The Addict.” Laced with touches of parlor pianos and lilts of electric keys and guitars (watch out for a mean little duet about mid-way through) the blue-eyed bomber takes us into the mind of a crippling junkie, taking us through the darkest recesses of that mind, then chiming in on the hook before Montreal music man Black Atlass takes over in a smooth and tender falsetto.

The track was teased at last week’s Sonos Studios performance in NYC and as much as we’d love to say it’s another taste of Bronson’s major label debut Mr. Wonderful, we’ve got a hunch that this might actually be from PS’ forthcoming project. Bronsolinio’s next project has yet to get a firm date, but it already has some sounds and sight in the form of the absolutely epic acid-tinged single “Easy Rider,” which is available to purchase today on iTunes. We’ll be sure to have that date as soon as it drops, in the meantime, peer into the mind of a junkie with Action Bronson, Party Supplies and Black Atlass’ “Light In The Addict” below.

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