Ab & 14KT - Saturn Return [LP Stream]

Ab & 14KT - Saturn Return [LP Stream]

by shamz
November 12, 2013 4:11 PM

Ab & 14KT

As promised, OKP favorites Ab & 14KT released their collabo album today, Saturn Return. The progressive-soul album focuses on a love story between characters Ab and Lalah. “The characters’ chemistry plays out like the typical love relationships,” said Ab. “It’s the exploration of each other that leads to trouble because when you’re trying to grow with someone you have to face yourself and everyone doesn’t want to do that because it’s painful. Ab and Lalah’s relationships represent that familiar place we’ve all been in.” More than an engaging narrative, we’re treated to some great music from this duo, along the way. Ab and 14KT’s on record chemistry is more than apparent on this 11-track journey, check it out below, and let’s hope there’s more to come.

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