A Full Little Brother Reunion Is Possible, According To Phonte

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A Full Little Brother Reunion Is Possible, According To Phonte

A Full Little Brother Reunion Is Possible, According To Phonte

Little Brother is arguably one of, if not the, greatest rap group to ever emerge from Raleigh, North Carolina. After forming in 2001 and releasing a number of well received albums from fans and critics alike, the trio (Phonte, Rapper Big Pooh and 9th Wonder) called it quits in 2010.

However, there’s now the possibility for a reunion.

As the Raleigh Agenda pointed out, during a recent episode of hip-hop podcast The Combat Jack Show, Phonte Coleman served as a guest and talked about everything from being a key writer for the VH1 series The Breaks to Kaytranada and NWA.

But the most revealing part of the interview came towards the end, in which the now Foreign Exchange vocalist discussed the possibility of a Little Brother reunion.

“For a while, I was very reluctant for it [a reunion], but this past year put it into perspective,” he said, reflecting on a recent reunion show he saw in Minneapolis, where he witnessed the late Prince‘s band, The Revolution, pay tribute to its missing founder. “The show was amazing. It was dope. But there was still that moment of ‘something’s missing.'”

That, along with the passing of A Tribe Called Quest‘s Phife Dawg (who was a big influence on Little Brother), helped put the idea of a reunion into perspective for Phonte. Little Brother’s dissolution came with some mild feuds, but everyone is still creating music in some capacity. Phonte and Pooh worked together after 9th Wonder left, and 9th Wonder has also worked with Phonte years after the group’s end.

Still, Phonte is now considering the idea of bringing everyone back together, although it’s unknown what exactly that might entail.

“There’s one thing to say that I have the option to not do this — I can either take it or leave it,” Phonte said. “It’s another thing when that option no longer exists. So, it definitely made me think a lot about wanting — if nothing else — to just put a period at the end of the sentence, to end it properly.”

Hopefully, something comes of Phonte’s revelation. Until then, listen to chat below (the Little Brother portion of the conversation comes at the one-hour and fifty-seven minute mark).

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